What guides us

Our values

In Globofran we give an account of our activities, in order to search for investment options for our clients. We also take responsibility for our actions before them and release their investment results transparently and securely, since our work is carried out under the highest ethical and professional standards.


Due to our experience with investors and businessmen of various kinds, ages and knowledge areas, we are able to state that achieving success is always possible when people believe in their own abilities and count on the most adequate consultancy.


We make the client win by investing with Globofran, so they have chances to migrate, in order to generate income in US dollars, as well as for their solid future.


In Globofran we offer a personalized service, which covers all aspects, from the legal, financial, estate, to every single one possible in different lifestyles related to investments carried out with us. We believe in integrating others’ knowledge and collaborative work to achieve the goals we have set together.


We make information flow and details visible for everyone, in order to have transparency when it comes to figures and business realities.


We completely enjoy our work and our lives. We are also aware of the fact that living completely and now represents the best guarantee for happiness.


Furthermore, we are aware of the fact that giving credit is the best driver of efficient teams. Our victories and achievements are based on merits, virtues; our talent, education, skills and capacities. We recognize the talent and efforts made by our team, collaborators and clients.


We are a team made up by professionals, who are always searching for new knowledge, market trends and ideas for innovative products and processes. Learning enables us to improve.


We have full control under the KPIs (key performance indicators) regarding our activities. We also believe that any action requires a result to validate investments.


We have discovered that most wonderful things in life occur beyond the line marked out by our comfort zone. Therefore, we challenge ourselves and encourage our environment to get out of the comfort zone and give life an opportunity to surprise us.


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