GloboFranchise : Invest in a franchise and migrate to the USA

With Globofran’s GloboFranchise we offer:

  • A franchise with proven success that fits your investor profile.
  • A registered trademark, easy access to an established product, a proven marketing method, equipment, the “Know-how”.
  • Access to proven business processes that include financial and accounting systems, qualifications.
  • Join in the network purchasing power, which allows you to have access to consumables and excellent prices, so you can compete with larger national chains.
  • Initiate an immigration process through visas E-2 or L-1.

Selecting the franchise that best fits your profile is our consultants’ main task. We have more than 400 franchises belonging to 20 different industries.

Juan Alberto Seíjas

“One of the things I liked the most was having direct access to consultants. The definition of success in Globofran not only consists on selling franchises, but also making them successful, and that makes the difference”.

Types of Visas you can apply for:

Visa E2

It is a long-term renewable work visa granted for commercial investors from countries that hold bilateral investment agreements with the USA. At least 50% of the company’s national properties in the US must be from the same country holding the agreement as the one where the applicant for this visa comes from (foreign person).

Visa L1

It is granted for people who work for any company abroad that decides to carry out their temporary transfer to the USA. These individuals must hold higher positions, such as managers, executives or positions that require specialized knowledge.